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The exasperating worry of having to do life alone can sometimes be unbearable. The roads we have to travel alone and the paths we have to walk alone. Ceremonious accompaniment I agree may slow down the pace but oftentimes it’s about enjoying the race not the pace. Have you ever thought you were alone in a thing and all of a sudden you found company? The soothing relief that comes with this experience is indescribable. The problem perhaps hasn’t gone but it has suddenly lost the overwhelming gravitating weight that it once had. Do you equally remember any time in school when you were reminded of an assignment just as the lecturer walked in? You feel very bad and sad knowing the consequences but unusual hope finds its way in when you realize half of the class didn’t do same. Knowing fully well that the consequences may neither be waved nor lessened but at least knowledge of company proves to be an effective analgesic. Many things in life are personal but certainly not many things should be private. Stop trying to do life alone, there are people who are in your current level of life, walking in same lane with you, experiencing similar challenges just as you do, there are equally people whose history is your current reality and story. Don’t you think it’s time to build meaningful connections and lasting life changing relationships that will advance your career aspirations, life dreams and spiritual depth? We are building a dream force of men and women committed to the success of each other.

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