About Me

Paul Amusa

A Strategic and Motivational Speaker

Paul Amusa is arguably one of Nigeria’s finest motivational speakers. He is a distinguished life coach and strategic consultant. He is also a Senior Manager at Peculiar People Consulting Limited; a financial, tax and management consulting firm.
A guest in several meetings, conferences, churches and programs all over the country and it seems his audience will not stop asking for more wisdom from this man. Paul is a trail blazer, an odd breaker, a people mover and a system shaker. With a vision to become one of the youngest influencers ever to rise from the black nation, his daily broadcast is providing mentoring, direction and life solutions to over a million people especially young people across the country.
He served as Senior Associate in King’s House Christian Centre Lagos till 2013. He has great passion for business regeneration, continental emancipation and purpose fulfillment. He is an applied economist cum accountant and an alumnus of the University of Ibadan. Paul has sure got a foot on the world stage with his influence daily soaring and He can only hope for the best as better days looks far too sure than ever

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